Our Services

Our Services

Retirement Planning

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  • Explore what retirement means to you
  • Consider income and available assets needed to fund that vision
  • Examine where you are and where you need to be
  • Identify baseline income sources (pensions, social security, etc.)
  • Consider additional expenses you may incur (health care, long term care)
  • Create a roadmap to achieve goals; include regular checkpoints
  • Monitor progress to track impact over time

Investment Strategy

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  • Review your experiences, strategies, beliefs, biases, etc. concerning investing
  • Create an investment strategy that aligns with those findings, as well as your roadmap for retirement planning, education funding, and more
  • Monitor the allocation of the portfolio continually for necessary adjustments to reach objectives

Income Protection

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  • Explore ongoing income and available assets that may be needed to overcome an unexpected situations such as disability or a premature death.
  • Examine assets and insurance coverages currently available
  • Determine whether adjustments (an increase or decrease) are needed to protect your family

Asset Protection

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  • Explore goals pertaining to your impact, your legacy
  • Review current estate planning documents (wills, trusts, power of attorney)
  • Review current ownership and beneficiary designations on existing assets, liabilities, and accounts
  • Refer you to a local attorney, if necessary

Family Dynamics

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  • Explore current or future obligations/desires you may have for your family; will you support or care for a loved one? Will you invest in your children’s education? Will you receive an inheritance from one or many sources?
  • Explore the way your family communicates about money; how will you educate your children about finance? How can you incorporate lessons about money into your family’s daily life?  
  • Build a roadmap to prepare for these situations as you deem appropriate