We don’t just
“manage accounts”

We serve as your financial guide.

  • A Clear Financial Plan
  • Personalized Guidance
  • Professional Advice

Retirement Planning

For years, you’ve worked hard to build wealth so you can enjoy your retirement. You deserve to be certain that lifestyle is within your reach.

Don’t waste time worrying about money and second-guessing every purchase.

Instead, work with one of our Wealth Advisors to create a personalized wealth plan that fits your financial goals and uses an investment strategy that fits you. You will be able to make informed decisions and confidently live the life you want.


Your advisor will help you:
Create an Individualized Wealth Plan
Determine a Personalized Investment Strategy
Know When You're Financially Ready to Retire

Investment Management

There are countless ways to invest. Some of them will be a good fit for someone in your situation, and others should be avoided. As part of your wealth plan, we’ll look at which opportunities are right for you.

Your Wealth Advisor will guide you through the decision process, factoring in your risk threshold, short- and long-term goals, tax implications, and time horizon.


Your advisor will help you:
Assess Your Risk Tolerance
Create a Strategy that aligns with your financial goals
Monitor and manage your portfolio

Income and Asset Protection

No one wants to plan for the worst. At the same time, you want to be certain that your family will be taken care of if something unexpected happens.

At CooperDavis, we guide you through all the likely outcomes to ensure your wealth, family, and assets will be secure, no matter what.


Your advisor will help you:
Examine the Ownerships and Beneficiaries of Your Assets
Review Your Insurance Coverages
Evaluate Your Estate Plan

Legacy Planning

You want your wealth to be a blessing in your lifetime and beyond. That doesn’t happen just by writing numbers on a check. Clear communication about finances is the key to healthy relationships and a legacy that transforms lives.

During our consults, we will talk about your legacy goals, help you get on the same page as your partner about finances, and strategize important conversations to have with family and organizations.


Your advisor will help you:
Explore Your Legacy Goals
Improve the Way Your Family Communicates about Money
Plan to Receive or Leave an Inheritance

Wealth management doesn’t have to be complicated

Stop worrying about your financial future.
Start living with confidence.

1. Meet with your financial advisor

This complimentary conversation will help both of us decide if your needs and our services are a good fit. 


Together, we’ll create a customized wealth plan and investment strategy that will evolve as you do.

3. LIVE with confidence

Finally, you’ll experience the confidence that comes from a financial life built on purpose. When questions come up, you’ll have an attentive specialist to guide you.