Wealth advisors
who really know you

We serve as your financial guide.

It’s important to have experts to guide us through life’s big decisions. We all rely on them for things like our health, faith, home and car maintenance… If we aren’t in relationships with knowledgeable, caring guides, it’s easy for important things to be overlooked and for us to feel uncertain. Your wealth is no different.

The person guiding your financial future should know you well, be an expert, and available to answer your questions. You deserve more than just an account manager and a cookie-cutter approach to wealth and investing. 

It’s wrong for you to have worked hard for years to be financially secure but still feel anxious about your financial future. You deserve better.

Since 2003, we’ve provided wealth planning and investment management for hundreds of individuals and families. We use an 8-pillar framework to create a strong financial life for our clients. Together, we’ve planned for home purchases, retirement, dream vacations, and life-changing legacy gifts. We’ve responded to inheritances, divorce, disability, and death. We guide our clients through all of life’s big financial decisions.

If you are ready to partner with CooperDavis, the process is simple. First, you meet your wealth advisor. Next, we work together to create a customized wealth plan that fits your goals. Then, you experience the confidence that comes from a financial life built on purpose

You deserve to be cared for. It’s time you have a financial guide who really knows you, understands your goals, answers your questions, and allays your fears. Meet your advisor today.

The CooperDavis Team

We are an intentionally small firm so we can be highly personal and proactive in our approach.

Justin Hutt, CPWA® RMA®

Justin is a Wealth Advisor and Managing Partner at CooperDavis. He has a bachelor’s degree in business from Calvin University and holds the Certified Private Wealth Advisor® and Retirement Management Advisor® certifications. Justin is passionate about forming long-term partnerships with his clients and is always looking for innovative ways to help you reach your financial goals. He loves celebrating your successes alongside you.

Dustin Osborne, CFP® RMA®

Dustin is a Wealth Advisor and Partner at CooperDavis. He has a bachelor’s degree in finance from Michigan State University and holds the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Retirement Management Advisor® certifications. Dustin loves to set goals and is highly disciplined. He brings that same no-nonsense tenacity to creating and managing wealth plans. He knows an intentional approach to finances has the power to change lives.

Mark Bowers

Mark is a Wealth Advisor and our Director of Investment Services at CooperDavis. He works alongside his fellow wealth advisors to create and implement our custom client portfolios. He has a bachelor’s degree in business with a concentration in finance from Calvin University. Growing up in a small farming community, Mark understands the value of personal relationships and hard work. These core values permeate his work ethic as he diligently tends to your financial well-being, working with you and our advisors to ensure your wealth is taken care of.

Jo VanderPloeg

Jo is our Client Service Associate. She has a recreation degree from Calvin University and is known for her warmth and hospitality. From the minute you contact CooperDavis, Jo is looking for ways to serve you. She joyfully answers all questions and concerns while ensuring that any communication you receive from us is clear and consistent.

Julie Henegar

Julie is our Operations Associate. She has a Masters in Business Administration from Western Michigan University and is known for keeping everything in order. Thanks to Julie, your onboarding process will be absolutely seamless. You can rest assured that everything will always be in its place.

Alex Bergsma

Alex is our Financial Planning Assistant. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in business from Calvin University. He is known for his ability to understand people and hear what they are really saying. He currently uses that ability working alongside our wealth advisors; documenting client interactions and implementing strategies associated with your wealth plan. Alex ensures that we truly know you and your plan.

Trusted Wealth Advisors Since 2003

200+ Confident Clients

Here’s how we help you live a financial life on purpose

It’s more simple than you might think to have the confidence you deserve.

1. Meet with your financial advisor

This complimentary conversation will help both of us decide if your needs and our services are a good fit. 


Together, we’ll create a customized wealth plan and investment strategy that will evolve as you do.

3. LIVE with confidence

Finally, you’ll experience the confidence that comes from a financial life built on purpose. When questions come up, you’ll have an attentive specialist to guide you.